When it is time to get a new mattress, you need to find a way to dispose of it. If you are in an apartment, town house or a house, it is illegal to dump unwanted mattresses with your garbage. We are here to help you, we can pick up your old mattress and dispose the right way for you.

Recycling is top priority for us

Yellow trailers Property Maintenance and Junk Removal, 778-822-2467, like our customers, feel the need to help our environment, by doing so we look for ways to positively affect change and reduce the impact of junk removal on the environment. When we pick up your unwanted mattresses and recycle properly.

Found a Mattress at your Site?

For businesses that have become a place for illegal dumping, Yellow Trailer Property Maintenance and Junk Removal, 778-822-2467 offers junk removal services in Vancouver and Fraser Valley. When you find debris, left on your property, we offer 24 hours junk removal service, and we’re just one phone call away.  Our trained staff will handle your commercial or residential clean up.

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Whatever you require whether be a single mattress or a pile of unwanted items. Our removal services is there for you. Yellow Trailers Property Maintenance and Junk Removal, 778-822-2467 guarantees professional, efficient, and friendly service. Please call to book an appointment 778-822-2467.

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