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Here at yellow trailers junk removal 778-822-2467 we understand moving in with a partner can be very exciting but stressful, However, often when combining household items, you find yourself with two of everything (two toasters, two living room sets, etc.) Storage space in an apartment or a house is crucial and filling it up with all of your duplicate items is not ideal. Yellow trailers Junk removal can help! With your duplicate items in good, working condition? Here at yellow trailers junk removal, we like to donate as many items as possible. here are some tips to help go through you’re things:No maybes — only yes or no
Before you tackle a single item, pledge to make a yes or no decision about everything. There are no “maybe” items.
As you go through your stuff, take photos. You may want them later if you plan to sell your items. Also, if you have any high value items, considering getting a professional appraisal. You’ll need it if you plan to deduct any big-ticket donations on your tax return, and it can help you set an appropriate selling price.Don’t do it all at once Set a timeline to go through your old stuff, and take you’re time do a room or a section it will make an easier task. Reserve your time on your calendar over the course of several weeks (depending on how much stuff you have), have particular goals for each day. compromise with you’re partner and  remember keep the romance alive it can be easy to take your partner for granted when you live together. You see them all the time, you have your routines, and you may forget that you are in a romantic relationship with that person and they need to be reminded how much you care and value your time together. Here at Yellow trailers like giving tips to help moving out and moving in with your partner as it can be very stressful but very fun. Call us today for your free estimate 778-822-2467


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